Add Memeber(s) / Director(s) to an Existing Company or CC

Do you need to make to changes to the Directorship or Membership of your Pty Company or Close Corporation (CC) ? We will prepare all the documents you need and represent you directly at the CIPC.

As Close Corporations and Pty Companies grow and restructure, they need to appoint new Members (for CC’s) and Directors (for Pty’s). To change a Company’s Directorship requires a Directors Amendment process to be followed at CIPC. This will bring about a legal “Director’s change” on the Company’s Registration Documentation at CIPC. We provide this Amendment service.



(1) BEE Level

Certain contracts and tenders requires a Company to have BEE ownership.  Accompanied with this pre-requisite there is normally a specific BEE Level which the Company needs to have. If you need an additional black partner to reach this Level it could be worth it to add a trustworthy friend / colleague as a Director.

(2) Partner of expertise

If the new Director has an expertise that you do not have, it is normally a ‘good strategic move’ to appoint him / her as a Director in the Company. It is much better for the Company’s growth, if each Director performs a single function (for example ‘Sales’) VERY well and enjoy it – instead of being a ‘Jack of all trades’.

(3) Legal ownership and responsibility

If you appoint a new Director to the Company, he / she has the personal responsibility under the Companies Act of 2008 to be ethical. The new Director is thus held accountable to perform his / her duties responsibly towards all the stakeholders of the Company. This new Director will be able to become a signatory on the Company’s behalf at the bank and for contracts,



  • A CK Document or COR14.3.
  • ID Document / Passport for the new Director.
  • All documentation you require will be prepared by us.
  • New Director needs to be older than 18.


(1) Apply

You can apply for this service on your Customer Account and complete the required application form. A Consultant from our CIPC Department will be in contact and process your application soonest.

(2) Documentation preparation

Our CIPC Department will then prepare all the documentation required by your Company for this service.

(3) Amendment submission at CIPC

Once documentation is setup we will submit your amendment at the CIPC and await their feedback.

(4) Company Certificate Delivery

CIPC will amend your Company Certificate and send it to us. Your Company Certificate will be made available on your Customer Account (we will notify you via email) – with additional information about your shareholding.

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