Annual Returns

Do you need to file your Company / CC’s Annual Returns with CIPC ? We submit Annual Returns for Companies and CC’s all over South Africa through an easy online process in the shortest possible timeframe.


Why do I need to pay an Annual Return Fee?

Every 12 months all registered South African businesses need to file their Annual Return at CIPC. To process this administration, CIPC requests all companies to pay an Annual Return fee. CIPC will then update the company’s most recent contact details (which is required by law); and the company will also retain an ‘active’ status.


My Company is currently in the Deregistration Process – can I submit annual returns?

Most probably. If your Company has already been ‘finally deregistered’ you can ask your Consultant for assistance – we will be able to ‘save’ it.



(1) Update contact details

CIPC requires that they always have the Company’s Contact Person’s latest details. We will update this detail in the process at no additional cost.

 (2) Compliance at CIPC

Your Annual Returns are the only mandatory process that ALL CC’s and Companies need to follow at CIPC. If this is up to date your Company is not in danger to be degeristered and lose future business.



A Company’s Registered Name & Number.



(1) Filing

We will file your Company’s Annual Returns using the information you have given us. CIPC will then confirm if the deposit fee is enough to cover your Company’s Annual Return Fee. This will only occur in the following instances:

  • The Company is not in the Deregistration Process.
  • The Company’s turn-over is less than R1 million for the past financial year.
  • There is no penalties on your account.
  • Annual Returns is due for only 1 financial year.

If these are any deviation from these scenarios, the CIPC will request additional fees for which we will invoice you. These fees are payable before proceeding.

(2) Delivery

We will process the Annual Return Submission and receive your Annual Return Certificate within 2 working days. Your Annual Return Certificate will be made available on your Customer Account (we will notify you via email)


See Questions and Answers below the Contact Form.

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FAQ about Annual Returns:

My company/CC is currently in the deregistration process due to Annual Return non-compliance. Can you assist?

Yes, if it is due to annual return non-compliance. The deregistration process will cease once all of the annual returns are filed. Most of the companies/CC’s in deregistration will need to pay about R1400 (including all fees and penalties) to ensure an active trading status. Our fee is included in the R1400. Please complete the online form so that we may assist you.

Is it necessary for my company/CC to file an annual return?

Yes, it is required by South African law that all companies or CC’s must file their annual returns with the CIPC on an early basis. Please complete and submit our online form so that we may assist you immediately.

Why should my company or CC file an annual return?

The CIPC requires your annual return, to verify if your company/CC is still trading or will be in the imminent future.

How long does it take to submit my annual return with the CIPC?

The entire process can be completed in one working day. We take care of everything and will make the payment to the CIPC for your outstanding annual returns.  

Additional information about Annual Returns When must a company or close corporation (cc) file its annual returns?

Companies or CC’s are required by law to submit an annual return once a year, within a stipulated time period. Companies must file an annual return each year within 30 business days after the company has started trading. Please refer to your company registration certificate to identify the exact date of the company’s registration. (For example only: If your company was registered on the 9th of April, you must file your annual return within 30 days from the 10th of April each year.) Closed corporations must file an annual return within the anniversary month of its incorporation up until the month thereafter. (For example only: If your CC was registered in the month of March, you must submit your annual returns once a year, in March or April. Please refer to your CC registration document to verify date of registration)

Do I still need to file my Tax return(s) with SARS, after I have filed my annual return?

Yes, please note that SARS and the CIPC are two different departments within government. Both are compulsory in trading legitimately.

My company/CC was inoperative for an annual return period. Do I have to file an annual return as well as pay the prescribed fee?

Yes, all companies and CCs are required by law to file annual returns, regardless of their status.

What happens if I don’t file my annual return(s)?

If returns are not filed within the stipulated time frame, CIPC will assume that your company or cc is inactive. They will start the deregistration process to erase your company or cc from its active records. The legal effect of the deregistration process is that the juristic personality is withdrawn and that your Company or Close Corporation ceases to exist. It is very important to start this process as soon as possible, if you have outstanding annual returns. Just complete our easy online form.  

Regulation 28

Please let us know if your Company / CC is required by LAW to prepare audited financial statements as described in Companies Regulation 28 (read with Companies Regulation 26). To view the Company Regulations and read regulation 28 (with 26) please visit Please note that for MOST Private Companies and CCs in South Africa this will NOT be the case, and no further action is required. Hereby a summary of regulation 28: Public and State Owned companies (SOC) must have audited annual financial statements while a Private, Personal liability and Non-Profit company is not required to have its annual financial statements audited unless • in the ordinary course of its business, it holds assets in a fiduciary capacity for persons who are not related to the company, in excess of R5 million in value at any time during the year; • It is a non-profit company and was directly or indirectly incorporated by the state, a state owned company or foreign entity; • It is a non-profit company and was incorporated primarily to perform a statutory or regulatory function in terms of any legislation or to carry out a public function; or • Its public interest score in that financial year, as calculated in accordance with Regulation 26 (2), is 350 or more or is at least 100 if its AFS have been internally compiled.