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If your annual turnover is BELOW R 10 million

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If your annual turnover is below R 10 million you qualify as an Exempt Micro Enterprise: You will therefor either get a Level 1, 2 or level 4 rating – guaranteed ! (100% black owned businesses get Level 1 – the best BEE level – guaranteed. White owned businesses get a level 4 – guaranteed. Between 51% and 99% Black Owned will get a level 2). Levels 1, 2 and 4 fall in the top 50% of all BEE levels and are excellent BEE scores and excellent levels! (Level 1 is the BEST BEE level, and Level 4 is a great level!)

You can contact Norman Swanepoel on 071 270 8726 for any assistance.

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Our Banking Details follow:

Bank Name: FNB
Account number: 62547831471
Branch code for FNB: 250655
Branch: Bellville Civic Centre
Account Holder: Ubuntu Company Services
Payment Reference: Your Company Name