Business Plans

Business Plan – R4 500

Are you trying to raise start-up capital, get a loan to grow your business, looking for venture capital or applying for grant funding?


In all of these cases you will need to have a business plan prepared as part of your application process. This plan will have to be prepared using certain standards and criteria and needs to include specific sets of information that will assist the funder to make a decision on whether your idea will be profitable and worthy of investing in.

At Ubuntu Company Services we work together with our clients to prepare such plans that fulfil the criteria as set out by all the major funders and banks. We do not sell you a generic plan and so you, the client, will have some homework to do in order for us to write the plan for you.

Remember, your business idea is in your head and you know its unique circumstances and markets. We do not live where you live and we do not know your market, as these are unique to where you are and what you do. We will guide you through the steps of sourcing the information and you will feed us with this raw data, which we will then put together into an intelligent business plan that will satisfy the demands of the funder.

As we work on your plan you will have:

1. Email and telephone support
2. Guidance and feedback from the consultant

The Process:

(1) Initial Information

We will send you two worksheets to complete which guides you as to what you need to research. These documents are simple, but needs to be thoroughly completed in order to get intelligent information to feed the business plan.

(2) Plan writing

Our writer will use the information that you supplied in step 1 to compile a professional business plan while communicating with you and fine-tuning the information. Ultimately it is your business and you have to execute what you say you will do in the plan, so we need to work closely with you to be accurate and true to the ideas in your mind. In this process you will also be mentored in certain business processes and concepts and you will be much better equipped to start and run your business.

(3) Completion

A draft version of the plan will be sent to you for comment and amendment and once complete we will send you the MsWord and PDF versions of the document and you can then use that to send to your funder or you could edit it further, it belongs to you.

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