We can make changes / Amendments to your Pty Company or Close Corporation (CC) with the CIPC

The Companies Act of 2008, the Close Corporation Act, CIPC and South African Banks requires that your CC / PTY’s information needs to be up to date with the Company Registrar (CIPC) and the Department of Trade and Industry (DTi). If any of your company information has changed, you will need to file an amendment so that your Company’s details are correct and up to date with CIPC.


  • ID: Each Director / Member (including new / old) should have a valid ID, we will assist you with the correct procedure.
  • Legal Documentation: The documentation we prepare on your behalf for this process includes: The Minutes of Meeting; Notice of Meeting; etc.

Our Amendment service includes:

  • 1. Consultation: Your Amendment will be taken care of by a dedicated consultant.
  • 2. Documentation: All important documents will be prepared for the CIPC
  • 3. Intermediary: We will be corresponding on your behalf with the CIPC, to ensure the fastest possible amendment process.

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