Certificate of Confirmation

Have you misplaced the Registration Documents for your Company / CC?  We can retrieve the Company’s Certificate of Confirmation at CIPC for ANY registered Company / Close Corporation in the shortest possible timeframe.

A Certificate of Confirmation of any registered Company in SA can be printed from CIPC’s database. It is not for official use – but in many cases you could use it instead of your Company Documents. It displays the following details about a Company:

  • Company / CC Registration Number.
  • Details of all the Company / CC’s current Directors / Members.
  • Company / CC’s Postal and Physical Address.



(1) Detailed information

For a very inexpensive service you will know exactly which data CIPC has on their system of your Company – or any other Company.

(2) Use for numerous registrations

You can use this Certificate at banks, BEE Verification and many other registrations.



A Company’s Registered Name & Number.



(1) Requesting

We search CIPC’s system for the Company / CC that you require and apply for a Certificate of Confirmation.

(2) Delivery

Your Certificate of Confirmation will be made available on your Customer Account (we will notify you via email): as soon as we’ve received it from CIPC.

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