CIPC Company Name Availability

Here follows 3 Steps to increase the chances that you Company Name will be successfully reserved at the CIPC Registration

1. Start your Company Name with the most UNIQUE word(s) possible

It should not be generic, which means the usage of plain descriptive words for example: General Trading; Fruit Distribution; Building Contractors

Rather use abbreviations or a mixture of your children’s names to form the most creative names possible. For example “Joedan” (mixture of Joel and Daniel).

2. End your Company Name on a word which are applicable to your industry

a) If you want to trade or deliver services in numerous industries, your name should end on one of the following words:

  • Enterprises
  • Trading
  • Services
  • Projects
  • Suppliers
  • General Dealers

For example: “Joedan’s Enterprises” or Joedan General Dealers”

b) If you want to trade or deliver services in a specific industry, your name should end on a word describing the industry:

  • Cleaning
  • Construction
  • Logistics
  • Transport
  • Consulting
  • Marketing

For example: Joedan’s Cleaning or “Joedan’s Marketing” Click here to apply for a new Company Registration at CIPC / DTi now

3. Browse the web to test if your company name already exists

Search for a website address which consists of your Company Name. For example, when I want to call my Company “Joedan General Dealers” I will search for  After doing this I receive the following notice:


If this screen above opens up it means that the ‘internet domain’ consisting of your Company Name is not available, which is a great start!

Also, search your Company Name in the search engine ‘Google’. If you get results such these below it is clear that your Company Name does not have a direct conflict.


Although helpful, these three Steps does not guarantee that your Company Name is available on CIPC’s system.  It just betters your Company’s chances. Our consultants are trained in the Name Search function. 

When you apply to register your company we do an in-depth search to ensure your Company Name is available.  If it is not, we will help you to make adjustments to ensure your Company Name Reservation is successful. If you are ready to start, apply to register a new Company online.