Financial Year-end change

Do you need to change the Financial Year-end of your Company? We will change this date for you at CIPC.

Each Company has a Financial Year-end. This date is indicated on the Company’s Registration Documentation at CIPC. It is normally FEBRUARY as SARS’s year-end falls on February month and requires all companies to submit returns by that date. May your Company’s Accounting Officer / Auditor / Directors request that this date needs to change, a Financial Year-end Amendment can be done which will bring about this change on the Company’s Registration Documentation at CIPC. We provide this Amendment service.



(1) Busy SARS Year-end

A February month is normally very busy. Also, the queues at SARS are massive due to the fact that it’s year-end for most companies. In some industries, for example farming, it is much better to register for a different month.

(2) Bookkeeping simplicity

In case a Company’s bookkeeping / structures change, it will be very advantageous to change a Company’s financial Year-end date. A Company can then easily setup the year’s statements.



  • The Financial Year-end of a Company may not have been changed during the past financial year.
  • ID Document / Passport for the Company Director(s).
  • All documentation you require will be prepared by us.


(1) Apply

You can apply for this service by completing the required application form below. A Consultant from our CIPC Department will be in contact and process your application soonest.

(2) Documentation preparation

Our CIPC Department will then prepare all the documentation required by your Company for this service.

(3) Amendment submission at CIPC

Once documentation is setup we will submit your amendment at the CIPC and await their feedback.

(4) Company Certificate Delivery

CIPC will amend your Company Certificate and send it to us. Your Company Certificate will be made available via email – with additional information about your shareholding.

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