Google Places

Do you need clients can easily find you on Google Maps, Search Engine or a GPS? You would need to register for Google Place. We can register your Company for Google Places in the quickest possible timeframe.

When your products or services are locally based, for example a grocer, laundry, coffee shop, etc. Google Places is VERY IMPORTANT for your company’s success. When potential clients search for a product or service when using their GPS, Google or Google Maps, the businesses on Google Places will then be displayed with its address. For example, if you search for “coffee shop cape town” then you will see a list of different coffee shops that are in Cape Town as well as their addresses.



(1) Your Company can be found on Google

Google will list you at:

  • The GPS on your smart phone
  • Google Places
  • Google’s Search Engine

(2) Improved website ranking in Google’s search engine.

When you use Google Places, your website has a better chance of being at the top of a search engine page results.



  • Proof that your company is legitimate. You can do that by providing a business card, or phone number that can be verified.


(1) Google Places Application Process

We will apply for your ‘Google Places Allocation’ via Google.

(2) Enlistment

Within 2 weeks Google will deliver a code in a letter to your premises. You can confirm this code with us, which we will use to Map your Company on Google.


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