Letter of Good Standing

Do you need to get a Letter of Good Standing from the Compensation Fund ( COID )? We will retrieve your Letter of Good Standing from the Compensation Fund within the quickest possible timeframe. SAVE R200 when you order COID Registration as well! Apply on this page…


If an employer is registered with the Compensation Fund as per section 80 of the COID Act, he / she can apply for a Letter of Good Standing from the Compensation Fund. This letter states that there is no outstanding claims / debt on his / her Compensation Fund record.




  • Company Registration Documents (lost yours?) (need to register a Company?)
  • You need to be registered with the Compensation Fund – we need your CF Registration Number (not registered?)
  • The annual fees payable at the Compensation Fund needs to be up to date & successfully submitted. In case your fees are not up to date, we will send you the information you need to settle your account with the Compensation Fund before we can continue with the Letter of Good standing. Note that if you have an outstanding fee, the COMPENSATION FUND will charge you these fees additional to the services that we offer.


Get Tenders & Contracts

To apply for most contracts and tenders, your Company will have to submit a Letter of Good Standing which they received from the Compensation Fund. This proves that there is no outstanding debt claims from the Compensation Fund / or Employees.


(1) Application Process

We go through the Letter of Good Standing process at the Compensation Fund on your behalf.

(2) Start using your Letter of Good Standing

Our COID Department will ensure your Letter of Good Standing is successfully renewed in the quickest possible timeframe. Your Letter of Good Standing will be made available on your Customer Account (we will notify you via email): enabling you to start trading immediately.


ALL Companies who has a letter of good standing at the Compensation Fund, need to renew it before 30 April annually – this date is unrelated to the date on which you applied for your first Letter. You may have requested a letter in March and by the end of April you’ll have to renew it again.


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Letter of Good Standing Services:

We do company registrations (which adheres to the latest Companies Act of South Africa) for clients all over South Africa including Johannesburg; Midrand; Sandton; Pretoria; Durban; and ALL other regions in South Africa / across the world using our simple and straightforward online registration process.

Also, you can get a VAT number ASAP through us with registration for only R1390! *Disclaimer: We are not the Government, but professionals representing Clients at institutions. Our Director himself, has much knowledge and experience with CIPC, which he uses to represent clients at CIPC. Note that Company Registration, Tax and other company services are also available directly at the Government institutions at a lower costs.