Logo Designs for your new Company

Do you have a Logo for your Company? A logo is the starting point of a brand – and EVERY Company needs a brand. Our professional designer will create a UNIQUE Logo for you from scratch in the quickest possible timeframe.

Your logo can be described as a visual representation of what company stands for. Think of McDonald’s golden “M” or the Nike swoosh. These two impressive logos embody these companies well; and basically everyone knows how it looks!



The main purpose of a Logo and Brand Designs is to create a Professional Status for your company. This enables you to:

(1) Build brand recognition and customer loyalty.
(2) Promote your business online.
(3) Get better deals from suppliers.
(4) Do sales with confidence.

Your Company will have a unique brand – an identity.



A Registered Company. With no registered Company, you have no security in a Company Name.



(1) First Draft

Within 48hours after you have supplied me with the information as per the Application Form and Pictures required, we will send you the first draft of your logo.

(2) Revisions

You can then request changes to the first draft as needed. You get three logo revisions within 10 working days. This means that after you have received the ‘first logo draft’ you can send it back to me UP TO THREE TIMES in the 10 working days to request changes to the logo design. Any further changes you require will cost R190 per change. We will be in contact via email only after the first call.

(3) Final Delivery

After you are happy with the final draft of your logo, we will save it in an editable and printable format allowing you to make changes; and do the printing of it as required in the future. We will upload these documents to your Customer Account where you can then download it.

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