Name Change of a Company / CC

Need to change the Name of your CC or Company? For whatever reason you need to change your Company name, we will reserve your new Company Name and amend it at the CIPC.

As a Company changes its vision and / or grows, it is sometimes required to rebrand and change its Company Name. To formally change a Company’s name on the Company’s Registration Documentation at CIPC, a Name Amendment has to be done at CIPC. We provide this Amendment service.



(1) Trademarks

You will be able to protect this new Company name by ‘Trademarking’ it. Note, that this depends on the clearance of South Africa’s Trademark Board.

(2) Rebranding

If registering a new name for your Company at the CIPC, you will be able to legally trade under this new Company name. You branding can then change accordingly.

(3) Banking

With a new registered Company Name, you will be able to amend your Company name on your bank account as well.

(4) Contracts and Tenders

To get ‘industry specific’ contract and tenders, a new Company name could be essential. For example, say the Government offers tenders in the transport of gravel industry for which you want to apply. A Company with a name such as “ABC Gravel Logistics” would seemingly have an advantage over a Company called “ABC Logistics”.



  • A CK Document or COR14.3.
  • Four potential name options.


(1) Search

Firstly we search the availability of the new Company Name you want.

(2) Name Reservation

If your preferred Company Name seems to be available, we reserve that Company Name with CIPC. If your Company Name is already used, we will assist you to register an alternative Company Name suitable for your industry.

(3) Name Amendment

After we have successfully reserved your Company Name and received your required documentation, we will amend your Company Certificate at CIPC. We will do this in the fastest timeframe possible.

(4) Company Certificate Delivery

CIPC will amend your Company Certificate and send it to us. Your Company Certificate will be made available on your Customer Account (we will notify you via email).

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