Office Solutions

Do you need an office or a receptionist? Our ‘Virtual Office Solution’ enables you to have your very own receptionist who can answer the phone, take messages and promote your company’s professionalism. How does it work?

1. You get a landline number

You receive a Business Landline Number with your area code that is registered to your Company only. For example 012 345 6789 if you are based in Pretoria. This number you can promote as your company’s landline and give it to your clients.

2. Your receptionist answers incoming calls

When one of your clients call this number, the phone rings at our reception office. The receptionist (a lady, not a robot) picks up the phone on behalf of your company. For example: “Good morning, you’re at ABC Trading. How can I help you? Just one moment, let me transfer you.”

3. We check if you are available?

Then the receptionist will firstly try to reach you on your cell phone, while the client is holding.

4. You take the call / a message

4.a. If you are available, she will connect the client with yourself.
4.b. If you are unavailable or busy, she will take a message for you and send it to you via email / SMS.


Who can use this service?

Any business who has the need of a receptionist, but do not have a capacity to employ someone on a full-time basis.