Original Registration Documents

Have you misplaced the Registration Documents for your Company / CC?  We can retrieve the Company’s ORIGINAL Registration Certificate (CK1 or Cor14.3) at CIPC for ANY registered Company / Close Corporation in the shortest possible timeframe.

The Original Registration Documents includes ALL the CIPC registration documents which are applicable to your existing company. For CC’s it would be the CK documents and for Pty’s the CoR documents. These registration documents (located at CIPC’s head office) serves as proof  that your company / CC is registered.  CIPC stores an electronic and hard-copy document at their head-office for all the registered Companies / CC’s.



(1) Less administration

It will cost you much less administration to retrieve your Company Documents than creating a new Company all together.

(2) Use for ANY registration and certification

You can use your Company’s Registration Certificate at banks, BEE Verification or any other registration / certification.



A Company’s Registered Name & Number.



(1) Requesting

We will retrieve the original Company Registration Documents at CIPC, who will in turn Scan and Email it to us.

(2) Delivery

Your Certificate of Confirmation will be made available on your Customer Account (we will notify you via email): as soon as we’ve received it from CIPC.


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