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Specialists born from the company registration industry

<12 AUG 2014 13:41>
Registering a new company can often be a daunting task – one which all entrepreneurs and opportunists in South Africa have to perform. A new industry has emerged over the past few years in which “company registration specialists” offer a personal start-up service to new companies.In the past ten years the CIPC has experienced numerous technical problems which resulted in much frustration. These unforeseen problems (errors, delays, lost documents) restrained business activities for entrepreneurs and seasoned businessmen alike, impeding tenders and business opportunities all across South Africa. These problems created the need for a company registration service which focusses on:

  1. Dedicated attention to each application; 
  2. Personal consultation; 
  3. Wide variety of services as the needs of each start-up is different. are among a few of these new entrants which operates in this ‘premium’ company registration industry. Their professionalism and dedicated attention to each application has made them very popular among accountants and entrepreneurs. 

“The complicated service we offer is being made simple as our consultants are specialists in their respected fields,” Managing Director Louis Oosthuizen states. At SA Company Registration different specialists manage each of the start-up services, which allows the company to focus on “automated, fast and effective services with the emphasis on the specific client’s needs”. As Mr Oosthuizen concludes: “Most accountants do company registrations because they have to and ‘on the side’; others try to register companies in ‘bulk’. None on these approaches are as effective as it should be for obvious reasons.” 

SA Company Services Portal is continuously growing and expanding its services that is currently on offer. Currently it already offers the following services:

SA Company Services Portal assists clients from all across South Africa, from Limpopo to the Western Cape, Gauteng to the Northern Cape. A service fee is included in the price, which results in a total once-off cost of R790+.