Rapid Business Registrations Gone Under?

Hundreds of clients which applied and paid for services at “Rapid Business Registrations” through the website: www.business-registrations.co.za are complaining.  It seems that their offices are vacant, phone lines are dead and emails are not being answered during the past 2 weeks. The question must be asked, did Rapid Business Registrations Disappear off the Map?

We are not sure why Rapid Business Registrations seems to have disappeared, but what we do know is the facts… There are over 40 unanswered complaints on Hello Peter and a recent article in News 24 that seems to indicate that this, once strong and trustworthy company, has been having much trouble lately. There are some angry clients that have not received feedback in the last 6 months; others seem to open fraud cases against the company.

We, as the Directors of SaCompanyRegistration.co.za, apologise for this injustice against the Start-up Community. As our way of honoring those who has lost money in this (or similar ordeals), we negotiated a special discount at our Licensor, Company Partners. They are willing to offer a 10% discount on all our Company Registrations Options and Amendments at CIPC. This is only for clients that HAS ALREADY paid a Company for one of these services without receiving the actual service – and has proof of it. To claim this discount, please:

  • Call: 021 100 4238 (between consultation hours 09h00 – 16h00 Monday to Friday); or
  • Email: help@ubuntucompanyservices.co.za

You can ask for the service that you require and ask for a “10% TRUST DISCOUNT”. NB – be sure to quote those words. Our consultants will process your order in the quickest possible timeframe – or your money back… Here follows one of the latest articles on our Services in BizCommunity.

Here follows some of the latest Hello Peter posts on Rapid Business Registrations:

26 Aug:

Ok everybody, I opened a ***** and ***** case this morning agains Rapid Business Registrations and their owner, Mr. mathubise sizwe radebe. I had sms conversations with him yesterday as well where he promised everything will be sorted out before 5. Another ****of course! This case is going to the Cape Town Division of Internet *****. I have contacted the mall management of the carnival mall in Brakpan and have forwarded all the ********** details to them as well. I urge everyone to open cases against them or email me your details so these people can be locked up far away!!! I am in IT so I am giving you all the details as well to help open a case. Maybe this way, we all can get our money back and prevent them from operating in South Africa.
This is the new new shop details of Rapid Business Registration
shop 11A carnival mall Brakpan
Owner: mathubise sizwe radebe
Tell:078 1778139
Please email me at [Email Removed] if you have been ******* by these people. They messed with the wrong person!!!

29 Aug:

I sent documents for member amendments on the 13.08.2015 till today no one got back to me with the feedback of whats happening we (myself and the co-partner tried calling them no one is answering the phone instead they keep on putting it aside as if it’s engaged. THIS IS A **** SERVICE WHY WOULD YOU LET PEOPLE TO PAY THEIR MONIES IF YOU CAN’T DO YOUR JOB. YOU ARE NOT THE ONLY PEOPLE DOING COMPANY REGISTRATION. YOU JUST WASTING OUR TIME. NOT EVERYONE IS COW MINDED LIKE YOU GUYS ARE WE SO MUCH ELSE TO DO THAN JUST SITTING FOR A MONTHLY SALARY!!!!

9 Sep:

Submitted required registration documents more than 6 months ago and payment has already been made. Only correspondence we receive is my e-mail and they keep informing us this the registration is in progress and that a consultant will contact us within 48 hours. THIS NEVER HAPPENS!!!!
Tried to get through on their telephone lines – either no answer or the number is not in existance anymore.