Re-Instating a De-registered CC or Pty

Need to Re-Instate your De-registered CC or Pty? We will do the entire process on your behalf in the quickest possible timeframe.

A Re-instatement is an extensive process where certain Company Documents need to be retrieved; re-instatement procedures at CIPC needs to be followed; a notice of the company’s existence needs to be communicated in a local newspaper; and lastly all the company’s outstanding Annual Returns needs to be paid in full. We offer this extensive service in full.

Our price covers the official Re-Instatement process at CIPC. To finalise the Re-Instatement there may be additional fees that are Payable directly to CIPC which differs case by case. These fees may include the following.

  • Restorations Fee.
  • Outstanding Annual Returns.
  • Penalty Fees.



(1) Profitable existing business

If you have a profitable, running business which has been de-registered due to unpaid Annual Return fees, a Re-Instatement is the best and only option to proceed with business as usual.

(2) Asset Protection

If your Company has been deregistered even though there are assets linked to it, this is the only route to follow to regain ownership of the assets.



  • Evidence of Assets: Sufficient documentary proof indicating that the Company or Close Corporation was in business or had any outstanding assets or liabilities; e.g. UTILITY BILL property, intellectual property rights; selling and buying of goods and services; leasing or renting property or equipment; marketing of goods and services, and/or an active bank account. Sufficient documentary evidence in the form of bank statements for a period of six months before and six months after deregistration are required.
  • A Company or CC that has been deregistered.



(1) Documents preparation

Our CIPC Department will prepare all the documentation required by your Company for this service.

(2) Lawful Procedures of Company

  • If the deed search shows that there is immovable property owned by the company or close corporation that was deregistered, then  *Huge backlogs can take up to 2-3 months, ◦Consent letter for re-instatement from Department of Treasury*; and ◦Consent letter for re-instatement from Department of Public Works.
  • A copy of a deed search.
  • Copy of extract in local newspaper giving 21 clear days’ notice of application to be re-instated.

(3) Re-Instatement submission at CIPC

Once documentation is setup we will submit your Re-Instatement at the CIPC and await their feedback.

(4) Re-Instatement Certificate Delivery

CIPC will Re-Instate your Company, generate your Company Registration Certificate and send it to us. Your Company Registration Certificate will be made available on your Customer Account (we will notify you via email)

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