Register a Co-op

Do you want to register a Co-operative (Co-op) at the CIPC and the Dti? We will register your Co-operative within the quickest possible timeframe.


A Co-operation (Co-op) is a Company Formation which allows a group of people to buy raw materials, products or a services in bulk. The Co-op will then sell these products / services to the public and the members (owners) of the Co-op. All profits (surpluses) are divided between the members of the Co-op.

For example, the Co-op consisting of 20 members buys 1000 liters of milk from a nearby farm and sells it in 1 liter containers to their members as well as the public. Say the Co-op has produced R20000 in profit after expenses, it means that each member has made R1000 in profit.

You can start a business in ANY industry! The most popular follows below:

  • Tunnels (Tomatoes, Cucumber, Green Pepper)
  • Farming
  • Boiler farming
  • Boerbok farming
  • Egg farming
  • Pig farming
  • Fishing
  • Sheep farming.



(1) Build up the community

On a farm or in a township it is sometime very hard to get all the necessary supplies, services and food to make a living – especially if every person is trying to do that alone. A Co-operative enable a community to stand together, get good service delivery, buy in bulk, support each other’s businesses and make a profit.

(2) Funding at the Dti and SEDA

The Department of Trade and Industry (Dti) of South Africa are aiming to assist more than 2 million businesses in South Africa with their funding programs and incentives. For more information about the Dti’s Grants / Funding programs.



  • None of the members may have been declared insolvent in South Africa.
  • Two or more Directors.
  • All the Directors must have a valid ID book and Physical Address in South Africa.



(1) Apply

You can apply for this service on your Customer Account and complete the required application form. A Consultant from our CIPC Department will be in contact and process your application soonest.

(2) Documentation preparation

Our CIPC Department will then prepare all the documentation required by your Co-operative for this service.

(3) Co-operative submission at CIPC

Once the documentation is setup we will submit your Co-operative Registration at the CIPC and await their feedback.

(4) Co-operative Certificate Delivery

CIPC will amend your Co-operative Certificate and send it to us. Your Co-operative Certificate will be made available on your Customer Account (we will notify you via email) – with additional information about your shareholding.

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