Share Certificates

Do you have Shareholding in a Pty Company? It is required by the Companies Act of 2008 that each Shareholder in a Company has a Registered Share Certificate. If not, a Shareholder has no legal evidence that he / she owns any shares in a Company – even though they are the Director of a Company. We will generate your Share Certificate within the shortest possible timeframes.



shares(1) Banks

Most banks require new companies to have a valid Share Certificate when opening a bank account.

(2) Legal Ownership (different to setting up Share Certificates yourself)

This document is proof of your ownership in the company:

  • If there is ever a dispute which is taken to court, this document will be the difference between a Shareholder’s success or failure to prove ownership in a Company.
  • Change Shareholding – If Shareholders need to be added or removed, the original Share Certificates will be required.
  • Share Certificates form part of your Net Worth.



Shares in a Company. You need to be an owner / part-owner of a Registered Pty.



(1) Process Legal Certificate

We review your Company’s shareholding and legally setup your required Share Certificates. Your Share Certificate will be made available on your Customer Account (we will notify you via email): You can also request the hardcopy documents from your consultant.

(2) Setup Documentation:

We will setup all the documentation required to legally process your Share Certificates – Minutes of Meeting, etc.

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