Standard Website

Every company needs to have an ‘online presence’. The most important facets are a (1) Website to promote your products and services; and (2) Company Email Addresses. We pride ourselves on the best value-for-money offerings for start-ups in South Africa. We will setup these facets and more for your Company..

(1) Website Domain & Setup (up to 10 pages)

This is the unique name which your business will have. For example, Zebra Containers will choose the Domain Name called  Africa Paving Construction on the other hand, will choose the Domain Name Clients must be able to identify Industry / and or Company behind your website.

(2) Business Email Accounts (up to 25)

For a business have a Gmail or Yahoo email account is seen as very unprofessional. It may even seem to clients like a scam. You need a Company Email Account which ends on your company’s Website Domain Name. For example: Zebra Containers is trading under the Website Domain – their email address needs to be or

(3) Website Hosting (3 months)

To have a Website and Business Email Accounts you need website hosting. This is a service which are providing space for websites on the Internet (the World Wide Web).  When you want other people to see your website, you will need to purchase ‘Web Hosting Space’. We are affiliated with the ZA Central Registry. They are the Governing Body for the CO.ZA Internet Domain Name Space.

*The Website Hosting Package includes:

25GB Disk Space on our server; 50GB Unshaped Bandwidth; cPanel
Unlimited Email Accounts; Unlimited FTP Accounts; Unlimited MySQL Databases
Free hosting for the first 3 months, afterwards R 99 per month. You can also downgrade to R 49 per month if your website is very small.



The main purpose of a Website to create an Online Presence for your company. This enables you to do sales with ease – as you can refer people to your website when they need more information / your contact details. More importantly, we will be able to do Online Marketing – which EVERY Company needs.



(1) A Logo

With no logo your standard website will definitely lack credibility. If you still need to create a Logo.

(2) A Registered Company

With no registered Company, you have no security in a Company Name. If you still need to register a Company and Name.



(1) Registering your Domain

Within 3 working days after you have supplied us with the information as per the Application Forms and Information required, I will send you the first draft of your website.

(2) Revisions

You can then request changes to the first draft as needed. You get three website revisions within 3 working days. This means that after you have received the ‘first website draft’ you can send it back to me UP TO THREE TIMES in the 10 working days to request changes to the website design. Any further changes you require will cost extra per change. We will be in contact via email only after the first call. Note that it is VERY easy to edit the Website yourself in the future.

(3) Final Delivery

After you are happy with the final draft of your Website, we will confirm the website finalisation by uploading the Website Ownership Documents to your Customer Account where you can then download it.

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