Tax Registration Verification

Need to do Tax Verification for your Company? We will register and verify your Company for Income Tax at SARS ASAP.



(1) Legitimacy

Your Company needs to be registered / verified for tax with SARS by South African law.

(2) Value-added Tax Registration (VAT)

Tax Registration is a requirement for VAT Registration.

(3) New Business

You need a business tax number for tenders and contracts.

(4) Trust

Customers will see that you are a legitimate business and that you are trustworthy.

(5) Invoicing

To invoice a client, you need a Tax Number which you obtain via Tax Registration.



  • Personal Tax Number. The Director(s) needs to be registered for Tax and therefore have a Personal Income Registration Number. We can assist if required.
  • A Company. You need a Registered Pty Company.
  • Company Tax Number. All New Companies registered during 2015 or afterwards do not have to go to SARS to get a Tax Number – CIPC gives you one when your Pty is registered. If your Company DOES NOT have a tax number, please contact us for a quote.



(1) SARS Offices

We visit SARS’s offices on your behalf to complete the correct forms, wait in the lines, meet with an official and make sure that your Application is successful.

(2) Start using your Tax Registration Number

Our SARS Department will ensure your Verification is successful in the quickest possible timeframe. Your Verification Confirmation will be made available on your Customer Account (we will notify you via email)!


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